Keith Mbuya

Stephen J. Wallace’s Hazardous Lies will have lovers of mystery and crime novels hooked, turning page after page. Wallace weaves an intriguing plot featuring a fascinating cast. The subtle tone of the storyline kept me on edge, leaving me eager for more with the flip of every page. The evocative depictions and the great attention Wallace pays to details had me feeling like I was next to every character in every scene, watching things unfold. One moment I was in Charleston, watching Jon fight his way through a scheming and well-connected management all on his own. The next thing I was in Washington D.C., closely following Craig as he put up a fight he stood little chance of winning. Wallace showcases that casts’ traits and emotions, drawing me in with their compelling personal conflicts. Jon is a shrewd, daring, intuitive, calculating, and savvy investigator that you will quickly fall in love with.

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