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About the Book

A loud blast in the early morning shakes a neighborhood and alarms a community.

An unthinkable tragedy has occurred: an explosion at a chemical plant has left workers dead and the son of a state senator missing. Plant management, emboldened by powerful political allies, scrambles to hide the real cause. It’s up to Jon Barrett, a new investigator for the government, to discover the truth. Haunted by his role in an earlier fatal accident, he struggles to find the courage to fight for answers.

Along the way, he meets beleaguered plant employees desperate to toe the company line, an eccentric environmentalist with secrets of her own, a television news crew itching for something bigger, and a victim’s family painstakingly reconstructing their lives. As Jon weaves together the evidence, he learns that the flaw that led to this tragedy is in plants throughout the country, and if he can’t fix it in time, more people will die. But as he closes in on the facts, tries to save workers, and attempts to get justice for those who died, he also learns just how far the company will go to destroy him and stop his incriminating investigation.

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March 26, 2024


About the Author

Stephen J. Wallace

Stephen J. Wallace is a speaker, teacher, author, and entrepreneur. He has taught classes and spoken at Universities in the United States and across the world in places like South Africa, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Stephen also has a well-rounded education, with a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Art in Liberal Studies. He has said that he is a “writer trapped in an engineer’s body, or vice versa.”

He has written several technical articles, a safety handbook chapter, and given presentations related to Industrial Safety all over the world. He has also written several poems and short stories and is the author of the thriller Hazardous Lies.

He lives in the Washington, DC area, but occasionally visits his home state of Kentucky.

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